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Welcome to our newly redesigned site!  Home-Spy-Shop.com is proud to present you with the latest in hidden cameras from our new online spy shop.  After 5 years in the business, we've upgraded our website to serve you better.


Where to start?

We recommend our All-In-One hidden Cameras for the most versatile way to covertly record what's going on.  These are the easiest hidden nanny cameras! 
These cameras feature recording directly to an SD memory card. An SD memory card allows you to record without the use of tapes, or DVDs. The images are saved directly to the SD card. The video you record can be played back right from the camera. You can also insert the SD card in your computer to play back the video. That means no other equipment to buy!

We also have cameras that you can view over the internet!  Just place the camera where you want to keep an eye on things, whether that be a babysitter, caregiver, or just to see what's going on in your home while you are away, then connect the receiver to your computer or directly to the internet.  You can then watch the action from anywhere you are via a computer or smartphone.

Surveillance equipment is now more available and affordable. For this reason the government and private investigators are not the only people using a hiden camera or other hidden camera with video recorders. Everyday people are now using a hidden cam spy camera and telephone recording devices. Everyday people are now doing their own surveillance to protect themselves, and keep their family safe.

  • Parents with hidden nanny cams can now check on their babysitters.
  • Business owners with surveillance cameras, can protect their businesses
  • A spy cam hidden in your home can help catch a thief.
  • Stop elder abuse with a simple hidden camera that keeps watch when you can't
  • Know where your spouse has been. Many cheating husbands and wives have been caught with a hidden camera or GPS tracker. Know the truth.
  • The uses for covert cameras are endless!

Our spy store goal is to help you in find the best hidden camera or surveillance system that is right for you. There is a large variety of options depending on your needs. Please note that many of our hidden cameras are hand crafted in the USA.

If you have any questions about which spy camera to buy, wireless hidden cameras, or on any of our spy stuff, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, or call us at 800-806-7490. You may also use our convenient online chat, which you will find on the left side of this page. We carry a very large selection of covert nanny cameras, hidden video cameras, phone recorders, and general surveillance equipment. If there's something special you need that you don't see on our site, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it for you! Be sure to check out the all-in one hidden camera alarm clock. It is one of our best sellers!