Ever Considered a Hidden Camera Mirror?

Anyone that has seen “Meet the Fockers” has seen the hidden camera bits where Robert DeNiro’s character has a business selling hidden nanny cams and there are hidden cameras all over the house in the mirrors, statues and even in the bathroom. However, it was accurate for showing how seamlessly hidden cameras can blend into a room and silently do their work of what is really happening in a room, whether you’re in there or not.

A hidden camera mirror can be hung any where you like in your home and it will do a silent job of recording what goes on and transmitting those images to the receiver you have in a separate place in your home. There are no visible wires, nothing to plug in – it looks just like any other decor mirror a person might accent a room with.

What this hidden camera mirror can do for you though, is very different from any other mirror you might have on your walls. This mirror will tell the truth if your cleaning people are helping themselves to your personal items, let you see who has actually been going through your private desk drawers, who has been taking the occasional $20 from your purse or wallet lately, and if you’re on vacation and you’ve asked your neighbor to dog sit, it’s a good way to make sure that your personal effects aren’t taken. Additionally, burglars have been caught due to the use of a hidden camera mirror. If you use a blank and white camera, you can choose to have X-vision on your cam and it will record in the lowest lighting to total darkness with great clarity of picture. Since anyone breaking into a house is going to get in and get out as fast as they can, a video is a great way to capture the person and be able to press charges. Explaining how that isn’t actually one’s own image on a video screen breaking into a house is a very difficult thing to do.

A hidden mirror cam can also be used to ensure that your children are getting the best care possible from your sitter. If you notice a change in your children’s behavior, or just one child that seems to center around the sitter visiting, and your child won’t discuss it or simply seems upset and can’t verbalize how they feel – get to the bottom of what’s going with a hidden cam – video doesn’t lie.

Get yourself some peace of mind. If you feel like funny business is going on around your home and you want to get to the bottom of it, let a hidden camera mirror do the work for you and find out if you really need to worry about a situation or not. Also, give yourself peace of mind when you go on vacation and know that your home is under the watchful eye of the camera in the hidden mirror cam.

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