Ever Thought You Need a Bug Detector

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not quite alone when you’re the only one in the room? It could be that you’ve been bugged.

A bug is an electronic device that monitors via a hidden camera, microphone or both. Bugs can be very small and if you’re aren’t savvy that someone is bugging you, your privacy could be compromised in the future by the information that was gleaned from your private life.

Reasons that people bug other people are many. Some of the biggest reasons are if one spouse suspects another spouse of cheating, engaging in unhealthy activities such as drinking or doing drugs or other secret activity. Another reason is during a divorce one spouse may bug another to get the real story on what’s been happening.

Business partners as well as competing businesses sometimes bug each other to find out what employees are really saying or doing, attempting to gather evidence against someone connected to the inner workings of a business for an embezzlement charge for example or simply to spy on the competition.

Unscrupulous individuals have bugged the homes of unsuspecting people and made films of them in their most private moments with their partners, in the bathroom and other personal activities and then sold these videos on the Internet. Because the victims aren’t usually the types that purchase these amateur videos, the perpetrator can usually get away with doing this for a long time and usually move on before they get caught. However, the damage has been done.

There have been a number of incidences of the bugging of apartment buildings, dorms and even clothing changing rooms have all had situations where someone was unknowingly recorded and those types were later sold, given to people or otherwise distributed.

So what can you do if you suspect you’re in any of these situations? You need a bug detector. If you have a feeling that someone is infringing on your personal space, beat them at their game and use a bug detector. A bug detector is simply a device that works to find a hidden microphone or camera, and some bugs are smaller than a penny. A good bug detector will sweep the room. You simply turn it on at one end of the room and walk through the entire room at a slow pace and then watch the bug detector for any change in frequencies. If there is an active bug in the room, you can find it, disable it and reclaim your privacy.

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