Get the Information on Film With a Hidden Camera Desk Lamp

There are many reasons to use a hidden camera in your home. The key factor in using a hidden camera is that it shouldn’t look like a camera at all. Even better if the item has a dual function. A great example is a hidden camera desk lamp. This looks all the world like a legitimate desk lamp, however it’s a busy little camera all the while.

The early incarnation of hidden cameras were almost laughable. The microtechnology made them larger affairs that still needed a rather large area for the camera lens to be visible so it could adequately film and the lighting had to be right as well or the film wouldn’t pick up anything.

Not so today. The hidden camera desk lamp actually works as a lamp. This sharp black desk lamp has a fully adjustable head and arm so you can position the camera to exactly the angle that you need to get the best video images. The matte black finish of this lamp will allow it to meld inconsciously into any interior decor. The light actually works and is a halogen bulb. The dimensions make this lamp easy to bring into your desk area as well as it’s only 16 inches tall and has a base just under 5-inches. If this is your first hidden camera, the hidden camera desk lamp include a free 2.4 GHz receiver which is valued at around $160.00 value and all your necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.

One use that hidden cameras are performing more and more is the video documentation of domestic abuse. Both men and women in controlling and abusive relationships are quietly turning to technology to document the physical and verbal violations against themselves in order to have proof of why they are leaving the marriage and in the case of child custody – proving one partner has extreme anger issues. It’s very difficult to prove otherwise especially in the cases of verbal abuse where one partner waits until they are secluded in their home before beginning a cycle of abuse. The shame that it’s happening can keep the abuse person from even confiding in their own families much less neighbors and that is where a hidden camera can be your silent witness that can tell your side of the story – eliminating any “he said she said” scenarios.

Get the peace of mind that you deserve, if you feel you have a situation brewing that you need to prove is happening – a video from a hidden camera desk lamp is worth a thousand words.

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