Mini Spy Camera In Your Home

There are many reasons you may employ a mini spy camera. Perhaps you may want it for exterior surveillance needs, or, for home surveillance needs.

If you are looking for a simple mini unit which can be concealed inside clothing or other item such as a specially designed hidden camera backpack or camera bag, which can have a hole created where the spy camera would be placed in order to complete surveillance outside of the home. This is the perfect mini spy camera which can take digital footage in any situation such as following someone around the city or needing to actually work clandestine.

Another mini spy camera version is one that you can actually be disguised as an everyday normal object that is found inside your home. Many of these types of mini spy cameras are sold by parents who wish to keep tabs on their babysitters or nanny.

When you do look to this type of mini spy camera for any type of surveillance, make sure you look at each of the types of spy cameras to ensure you do get the right type of effect and needs entertained by the spy camera. Some of the important features you should consider when looking at this type of mini spy camera include:

  • Night and day vision: An important feature is for the camera to be able to see what is in the room during the day, night and during dusk time. This type of luminescence is measured in what is called LUX; and the higher the number, the better the camera can record video and motion inside a room with little or no light.
  • Battery life: This is perhaps one of the fundamental features in any type of surveillance camera which will either remain in a fixed position, or, with the camera operator. It is important to look for a camera that has a higher “on” time for what your needs are. Also, look for standby times that will put the camera into “sleep” mode while not being used during video surveillance.
  • Range: The range you find marked on the camera package will give you the maximum distance which the camera can actually be away from the receiver. The receiver is the part of the camera which is plugged into a television, a surveillance monitor, or any type of recording device. Each model will have its own range setting, but, most will only be up to 100 feet or less. The more expensive units will actually allow the receiver to be at a distance of several kilometers away from the camera. It is important then to ensure you will know the exact distance between you and the actual recorder to be before purchasing just any type of mini spy camera.
  • Black and White, or Color: Although black and white video provides for higher resolution images, it is not always simple to detect the object or person you are looking at. Color video will allow for a better field of view, but, only if you are in bright light or in the daylight without lighting issues. A black and white mini spy camera will work the best in low light or dim light situations.

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