Dummy Camera

Just reading the title dummy cameras can make you stop and think what in the world are they talking about. What ion the world could dummy cameras have to do with spy gear; basically why in the world would a spy gear website have a blog about dummy cameras instead of surveillance cameras or hidden cameras. The reason for this is that dummy cameras are actually a very useful tool in the spy gear business. And yes this means that spy gear websites will sell you dummy cameras in addition to all of the other high end video cameras that you are looking to purchase to make your world safer. In fact some of your surveillance systems will actually come with some dummy cameras to use in addition to the actual cameras.

But before you go and spend hundreds of dollars on a surveillance system or on hidden cameras that you plan to plant around your house you might want to think more about dummy cameras. Basically dummy cameras are fake cameras, they look very similar to surveillance cameras but in fact they don’t do anything. And because they don’t record anything they are quite a bit cheaper than your hidden video cameras and your surveillance cameras. Dummy cameras work great because they make people think that you are watching and recording them, which is the look of what you want.

But one thing that you need to keep in mind with using dummy cameras is that you are not actually recording anything so if anything does happen you are not going to have anything on video tape to prove what happened. It is because of this that many people will actually use a combination of dummy cameras and surveillance cameras; this also makes it harder for people to tell if the cameras are real or not.

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