Features of a surveillance camera

When it comes to choosing a surveillance camera there are many different options to choose from because of how many different makes and models there are currently available and more keep getting introduced each day. But if you are considering buying a surveillance camera then you need to look for certain features. Basically you need to make sure that the camera you are choosing comes with certain things before you purchase that camera. But keep in mind that the cameras are going to have other features in addition to what you are supposed to be looking for.

Here are some of the key features that every surveillance camera should have:

  • Motion activation recording – basically what this allows you to be able to start recording the minute that the camera spots any kind of motion. This is actually really good for outdoor surveillance cameras or cameras that are in an obscure location.
  • Scheduled recording – many times there are certain periods of the day where repeated activities occur that you want to be able to catch on film. This feature allows you to set up a pre-set time to record the activities and will also allow you to program the days and times you want to record.
  • Remote playback and recording – basically this feature is going to allow you to access what you have recorded and play it back or set the record option on your camera from a remote location. What this means is that you are not going to be at the home PC to actually record or playback what has been going on.
  • Customized detection zones – this is a great feature to have because it allows you to set up the areas that you want to be recorded, which are your customized zones. You can decide which areas need how much coverage or when they need coverage.

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