Nanny Cams Help You Monitor Your Sleeping Baby

A friend of mine gave birth to her second child recently. She mentioned to me that she’s been looking at nanny cams. “You don’t have a nanny, I said.

“I have a baby,
she answered. And she’s right, you know. With all the paranoia about what a nanny might do, we often forget about the trouble a baby can get into without help from anyone.

There’s the threat of SIDS, for example: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It has that vague name because no one is certain what causes it, except that it strikes healthy children and that it is related to certain types of bedclothes and certain postures. They say that in order to minimize the risk of finding your child dead in the crib, you should avoid soft bedding and make sure your baby lies on her back.

Except you can’t have your baby sleeping on a board, and how do you guarantee that he’s constantly on his back? You can buy some peace of mind by installing a nanny cam over the crib. Many parents already use audio monitors that let them hear if a child begins to cry, but these are not sensitive enough to let you know if your baby has stopped breathing, heaven forbid.

The logical step is to install a camera that lets you keep an eye on your baby while you’re busy elsewhere in the house. You should periodically visit the crib in person, of course, but if you have a monitor nearby, you can quickly glance at it to make sure that your child hasn’t rolled over onto her stomach.

Nanny cams are designed to be hidden, so they’re small and light, but that also makes them useful for situations where subterfuge is not a requirement. My friend feels that the portability of a nanny cam would be helpful to her because she has two cribs, and she often moves the upstairs one over to the next room. She intends to clip the cam to whichever crib she’s using at the time. I agree that a remote digital eye can be a valuable aid to good parental care.

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