Mini Hidden Pen Camera – One small and functional device

When you need a pen camera, there are two things that you look for: Good quality video and a style that doesn’t make it so obvious you’re toting around a camera.

The mini hidden pen camera has both of those qualities and it is quite unique. This pen camera is small enough that it can be hidden virtually anywhere. That is why there are so many individuals using them for both business and personal uses. They fit in the pocket just like a regular ink pen and the fact that the pen is a camera cannot be seen.

This is perhaps the most versatile of both spy cams and pen cameras for the fact that it allows you to record to a micro SD card. This means that you can easily view and transfer your data to your computer via the SD card, but you can also plug the pen camera directly into your computer via the USB port so that you can view and upload the data that is on the pen camera.

You will find that the mini hidden pen camera records in AVI format, which means it is compatible with the video software that is on your computer. You’ll also find that the video is of a high resolution, making it crisp and clean.

As for what you need to use the pen camera for, it is entirely up to you. Many businesspeople find this one handy because they can place it in their pocket and record meetings and other correspondence. College students find them handy for recording lectures. With the 4 hour charge time and the 2 hour recording time, quite a bit can be recorded over time.

So whatever you need it for, this is definitely an option for you to take advantage of. You never know when you are going to need a pen camera, so it is good to keep one handy.

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