Spy in Style with A pair of Spy Sunglasses

Now you can spy in style with spy sunglasses with a spy camera built inside. It doesn’t matter what you’re using them for, no one is ever going to guess that you are spying or that the sunglasses have a camera built inside. The only thing that might be suspicious is if you’re wearing them at night or indoors. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

These sunglasses are completely portable and they have a 2 gigabyte internal memory and a batter charge that allows you to record for up to 5 hours. That is a lot of footage for you to record. And if you need more space, you can insert a micro SD card of up to 2 gigabytes in space. That will give you a total of 10 hours of recording time.

But no matter how much footage you have recorded, you can hook your spy sunglasses up to your computer and play back the footage with any video software. With a resolution of 320×240, you are getting a very good picture for such a small spy camera.

As for how you charge your spy sunglasses, you can charge through the USB port on your computer or you can charge by plugging the glasses into the wall with the included AC adapter. It is then that the 110/220 volt battery will charge before you go on your next excursion.

Talk about stealthy. This is one spy camera that is going to get its job done. You’re going to be able to record virtually anything and everything that you want to record. To be so small, the spy camera within these sunglasses is very powerful. It will get done what you need to get done and you can get it done in style because these don’t look any different than your usual pair of plastic framed sunglasses.

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