Digital Spy Camera

If you are in the market for a digital spy camera there are so many options to choose from these days. The technology for hidden cameras is developing very rapidly due to the high demand and recent popularity.

The best feature that digital spy cameras has brought us is the ability to save hours of video on a small SD card that can be played back on virtually any computer. There is no special software needed, just pop the SD card into the computer and play with Windows Media Player. This also makes storage much easier.

Since the spy cameras record digitally, the signal can be broadcast to a remote receiver. You can run the signal to your computer and upload it to a URL for live viewing on the internet. Now that’s a great way to keep watch of your nanny when you’re at work. Just be careful the boss doesn’t catch you.

Another one of my favorite features is motion detection recording. You can set the camera to this mode and it will only record when there is movement in the room. This save you from going through hours of video footage just to find the one segment when someone was in the room for a few minutes.

Not only have the hidden cameras gotten smaller, but the video has gotten better. Some can easily capture high resolution HD quality video in full color. Thanks to infrared technology, the cameras can now even record in complete darkness. The features afforded the spy camera are too many to mention in one article. Once you start shopping to buy one, you’ll soon discover the plethora of features. Digital spy cameras are soon going to become common household security items.

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