New Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

Have you seen the new SleuthGear Night Owl alarm clock hidden camera? This thing can actually record clear video in complete darkness! This is unbelievable and is turn the industry upside down. Never before was it possible, but now with infrared technology advances, they made it affordable.

There’s a video you can see at the alarm clock hidden camera page on our site, that shows how it even can automatically switch from daylight to dark and still record. That video footage was taken from one of these cameras.

The possibilities for this camera are endless. Whether you need it for security reasons to protect your tools in the garage, or if you need to use it in the bedroom of your house, it will fit in virtually anywhere. Being a fully functioning radio alarm clock, it makes it very easy to introduce to a new environment because nobody will be the wiser that it’s anything else.

The price is a bit more than the usual alarm clock hidden cameras, but this ability to record in complete darkness is priceless.

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