Wireless Hidden Camera

If you need to spy on someone or something, a wireless hidden camera is the best device to get. Wireless means that either the unit transmits the video to a receiver, or it records directly in the unit. There are no video wires that need to be installed, or no wires that someone can detect.

There are some models that are hard wired from the camera to the recording device. But if you’re trying to spy, these wires are a dead giveaway. Technology has now made wireless hidden cameras very easy to use and affordable. You just place the camera where you need it and turn it on. No wire installation required.

The models that transmit the video wirelessly will send the video to a receiver. That receiver generally needs to be within 1500 feet of the camera. Then you need to hook something up to the receiver to record the video. This can be a VCR, DVR, or your computer if you have a video input card. This allows you to view a live feed, but the drawback is that the wireless reception may not be good if you have interference.

The models that record directly within the unit typically record onto a removable SD card. You can easy change out the SD card and then put the one with the recorded video into your computer. Most models will record in MPEG-4 format so you can watch the video with any free video play that comes with most computers. This is the best way to get quality recordings, but the drawback is that you can’t watch the video live if you need to.

Whichever way you choose to go for recording, a wireless hidden camera is the best choice. Gone are the days of hardwiring and figuring out complex installation schemes. Just plug in and go.

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