Wireless Nanny Camera

If you need to set up nanny cams in your house, the wireless nanny camera is really the best way to go. If you decide to wire hidden cameras in your home, it will take you many frustrating hours of installation and setup. If you buy a wireless camera, your installation time is cut down to about 3 minutes. Sure they cost more, but well worth the price.

There are two different types of wireless nanny cams you can get. There is the kind that sends the video by a wireless signal such as 2.4ghz. Then there is the kind that just records the video directly in the camera itself. This is typically recorded to an SD card that you can easily pop out and put into your computer to view the video.

The trouble with the 2.4ghz wireless models is that you may not have good reception where you want to place the receiver, and you still have to have a device to record the video footage. Going this route really can be just as much complication as using hard wired cameras. You might as well just spend the few extra bucks and get the type that has a built in DVR to self record.

We call these the all-in-one hidden cameras because you just buy the one unit and there’s nothing else to buy. Pop in the SD card, plug it in, and you’re all set. Whenever you want to view the video it records, just change out the SD card and then watch the video on any computer. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

So when you’re considering to buy wireless nanny cameras for your home, the best route to go is the all-in-one version.

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