Micro Video Camera

If you’re looking for a micro video camera, there are a few options to choose from. First you can take a look at our last post on the wireless mini camera. Today we’re going to discuss making your own micro video camera using what’s called a board camera. These are what are used to make most hidden cameras.

Without a doubt the easiest micro video camera is a premade item like the products mentioned in our last post. These are self-recording devices that are ready to go. But you may have special needs where a premade device just won’t work in your situation. Take a look at these board cameras:

These can be mounted into anything you want. You can use any existing object in your home or office and find a way to put one of these in. The main considerations for you are how are you going to power it and how are you going to record the video.

You can either go hardwired or wireless for both the power and video. There are cables you can run that have both power and video all on one cable. But if the object is not in a situation you can run cable, then you can get go wireless.

To go wireless, you can install a long-life battery pack to power the camera, and a transmitter to send the video signal to a receiver. The drawback with this option is that you have limited recording time based on the battery life, and you still need to set up a receiver somewhere to record the video.

Whatever your need for a micro video camera is, there is certainly a way to but a premade device or make one yourself. If you have any questions, please post a comment below or visit our store.

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