Motion Detector Camera

In the world of hidden cameras, one of the most popular is a motion detector camera. This means that it will only record video when it detects there is motion in it’s field of view. This saves on recording space, and also saves your time of forwarding through hours of video that has nothing happening.

A motion detector camera can come in a very wide variety of objects. In fact, most of the newer all-in-one cameras have this as a standard feature. In this new digital age it just doesn’t make sense not to have it. It also saves on the power usage, and that can add up when you run a camera hours and hours every day.

Some cameras have the motion detector feature as just an on and off selection. The more advanced cameras actually let you program certain grids of the field of view to activate the motion detector or not. This is because the camera may have a wide angle view, but you may only need it to record something in the left side of the room.

Here are a few examples of a motion detector camera that we carry. Just be sure to look at the features for the camera you’re interested in.

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