Wireless Mini Camera

There are so many uses for a wireless mini camera. Once you get one for yourself you’ll keep finding new ways to use it. For some it’s a matter of security and protection, and for others it’s like the old candid camera show.

The meaning of wireless mini camera is that there are no power cords or video cords that are needed to use it. And of course its mini in size. There are many cameras that can easily be hidden in your shirt pocket or clothing.

Here are a couple examples:

My favorite wireless mini camera is the hidden pen camera. Most of these also record audio. It’s my favorite because it’s so small and so ordinary that nobody will think it’s a camera. This is like stuff from a James Bond movie.

Next in line is the cam stick. Operates basically the same, but no audio. A little bit smaller than the pen. The nice thing about this one is that there’s a removable SD card to store the video on.

No matter what your need, there is most likely a wireless mini camera that will work for your situation. There are a couple other variations, but most are generally like the two you’ve seen here. Visit our store to see the complete selection.

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