Wireless Surveillance Cameras

The term wireless surveillance cameras usually means that it’s a camera that transmits the video wirelessly to a receiver. This could be a hidden camera in your home, or a security camera in a retail store. The advantage is that there is no wiring that needs to be done to install these types of surveillance cameras.

In the past, most cameras needed to be hard wired both for power and for the video feed. These days you can get a camera that runs by a rechargeable battery, and transmits the video to a receiver. This makes them truly a wireless surveillance camera. This makes it very easy to install the camera, or to move it to other locations once you start using it.

In the case of a hidden camera, the wireless versions are nice because you can move them from room to room in your home. This is helpful because the good ones come with a higher price tag, so having the portability is a definite benefit. It’s also a big plug because you may not have the technical skills to hard wire your house for power and video signal.

A couple of examples would be the tissue box hidden camera, and the air purifier hidden camera. Both of those are typical household times that you might typically move around the home from room to room. The air purifier does have a power cord, but it’s the normal plug-in that an air purifier would have anyway, so it doesn’t look suspicious.

Whatever your need for security is, a wireless surveillance camera is going to be the best way to go. Although they may cost more than a wired version, the benefits are many. Contact us if you need help choosing the system that is right for you. Protect yourself and install a camera.

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