Night Vision Camera

A true night vision camera is one of the coolest new advancements in hidden camera technology. Prior to 2010, any of the spy cameras that said they could record in the dark still had to have a small amount of ambient light. Well, not any more. The newest night vision camera called the SleuthGear NightOwl Camera can record in absolute complete darkness.

This is the perfect security camera when you suspect something is going on in your house at night. It looks like an everyday, normal alarm clock but it has an infrared night vision camera built into it. Not only that, but it has a motion detector mode so you can set it to only record when there is movement. That’s a nice feature to have so you don’t record hours worth of nothing.

This is a big breakthrough in the world of hidden cameras. Because if you needed to record in the dark before, introducing a camera that needed ambient light meant you may also be needing to introduce a new source of light in the room. The video footage in these older cameras would many times be too dark to clearly see what’s on the video. Take a look at the video on our page for the new SleuthGear NightOwl Camera and you can see how clear the video is when recorded in complete dark.

The other new advancement in this night vision camera is that it records to a removable SD card. This is slick because in a matter of seconds, you can change out the SD card. Take the one that has recorded video on it with you and put in a new blank one. Two seconds and you’ve got it switched out. This may come in handy if you need to be very covert with this operation. Then go put the SD card into any computer or laptop and watch the hidden camera video.

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