Pen Camera

One of our best selling hidden cameras is the pen camera. Just take a look at the picture of it below, and you’ll start to realize why it’s one of the best sellers. Sometimes it’s hard to find a hidden camera that fits all your needs. Many find that the pen camera can fit the most.

For one thing, it’s very portable. Unlike an alarm clock hidden camera, or an air purifier camera, this one you can take with you absolutely anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and doesn’t require any power or video wires. It runs from a rechargeable battery and records the video to its built-in memory.

For such a small device, the pen camera also has some pretty good resolution to it’s picture image. Not only does it record a great picture, but also it’s one of the few spy devices that also records audio. It has a sensitive microphone that can pick up sound up to 15 feet. Image the places you can go, wearing this in your shirt pocket to record audio and video.

The uses for a pen camera are just unlimited. It’s one of the best value hidden cameras available because of its portability. It’s the perfect body worn spy camera. To recharge the battery you can either plug it into a laptop USB port, or, use the electrical outlet adapter that comes with it.

It uses standard video format, so once you capture your video, simply plug it into your computer to watch and listen. It doesn’t get any better than this. Now you can see why it’s one of our best selling hidden cameras.

If you have any further questions about the pen camera or any other spy camera, please post a comment below. It’s always best to get a camera that’s going to fit your needs.

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