Wireless Spy Camera

When you need to secretly record someone or something, a wireless spy camera is the best way to go. Since it’s wireless, nobody will suspect it’s a spy camera. Gone are the old days of having to run both power wires and video cables to your spy camera. Now they can be completely wireless.
What good is a spy camera if it’s clearly noticeable? That’s what happens when you take an ordinary household object and then run video cables into it. People wonder what it is and begin their inspection. Once they are suspicious, watch out. Thanks to advancements in technology, this can all be avoided with a wireless spy camera.

Some of this is thanks to wireless technology to broadcast the video to a nearby receiver. Or some of it is thanks to the SD card that can now store hours and hours of video. In both cases, you no longer need wires to your camera. Some can be as small as a pen camera, and some can be large like an alarm clock or air purifier.

If you get the kind that transmits the signal to a receiver, it most likely will need a power cord. However, it would most likely be built into an object that would normally have a power cord anyway. For example, an alarm clock hidden camera, or an air purifier camera. These are great, but the downside is that you also need to set up the receiver nearby and you risk people questioning the receiver.
The best wireless spy camera is one that records to itself by a removable SD card. These are built with a slot typically in the back or bottom where you can pop out the SD card and then put it into your computer to view the video. These eliminate the need for the receiver. You can quickly swap out a blank SD card and take the one with the video to a laptop somewhere to watch it.

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