Be a Spy with a PI Cam Stick Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

The PI cam stick is one of the many mini spy cameras that you can have a lot of fun with. You can be your own private investigator with this nice little piece of equipment. It is actually the smallest piece of covert digital camera equipment available on the market, which should give you an idea of how small it is.

Cam Stick mini spy camera


And you might be quite amazed at what sort of power this little camera is packing. For example, it comes equipped with the new 3GP video format and has 4 gigabytes of internal memory so that you can record what you need to record. This means that you can record up to 33 hours of footage! That’s incredible. You can even add more storage space by adding up to a 1 gigabyte micro SD card. The internal battery is rechargeable and it is rechargeable through the USB port on your computer. You can plug it right in and it will start charging.



There is also the fact that you can upload your footage onto your computer the same way you charge it. You just plug it into your USB port on your computer and you start uploading the files.


Now, mini spy cameras are great for spying, but there are so many uses. For instance, a college student may decide they want to record their class lectures for the week. Then again, they might miss a class and ask a friend to do the recording for them. And then you never know when the person sitting on the bench at the park might be spying on someone else. That’s what’s so great about them.


So if you are in need of mini spy cameras in your life, go for it. You never know what you may need one for.


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