A Tissue Box with a Hidden Spy Camera is Nothing to Sneeze at

tissue box hidden spy camera is definitely an innovative idea for the fact that who would ever guess that there was a spy camera inside a fully functional tissue box?

No one would!

Tissue Box hidden camera

You can use such a contraption for any room in your home or even in your office. You can monitor such things and activities as:

  • The nanny while watching your child
  • The home health care worker taking care of a family member
  • Your children playing in another room
  • Monitoring the home in case of a burglary or other unfortunate event
  • Watching business activities while out of the office
  • Keeping an eye on your office in case someone breaches it
  • Watching a retail environment

There are so many uses for a spy camera. You have your own uses and it is important that you satisfy each of those uses.

This is because having a tissue box with a hidden spy camera installed is a great way for you to know what is going on when you’re not around or even when you are around.

Tissue Box hidden camera

All you have to do after the spy camera records your desired footage is take the SD card out of the camera and place it in the SD slot of your computer. You can then watch the footage of the day. If something fishy has occurred, you will know about it and you can get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.

And to keep you from wasting footage, there is a motion activated sensor inside the tissue box. That way it doesn’t come on unless motion activates it. The most complicated aspect of this hidden camera is the fact that you just have to find the right place to place it. Put it anywhere that is appropriate for a tissue box, which is almost everywhere.


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