Record phone calls with our new telephone call recorder – records cell phones too

fsv510 telephone call recorderOur telephone call recorders are very popular items, so we are always working to bring you the latest recorders with the best features.

We have new phone recorders for 2011 that can also record cell phone conversations as well as regular phone conversations – all in one compact recorder.

I’m really excited about these brand new recorders we have just gotten in.

The one I want to call your attention to is the FSV-510 Plus, which comes with everything you need to record calls from your telephone or cell phone.

It is really easy to set up your telephone call recorder – it takes only 30 seconds! Just plug the included adapter into any phone jack in your house. The FSV-510 Plus senses when any phone in the house is used and will automatically record all the calls made or received from your phone line. It records everyone on the call. Beware cheaper call recording solutions that only record one side of the conversation – our telephone call recorder records both sides.

The FSV-510 Plus records absolutely automatically and silently. You won’t hear any beeps or clicks, but your call is being recorded

I especially like this voice recorder because it can also be used as a room recorder. It has a voice activation mode and sensitive microphone that will only record when there is activity in a room and not record when it is silent. This let’s you record for many days.

Remember, this works on regular telephones at your home or business, cordless phones, and cell phones. Any phone conversations can be recorded.

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