Protect your Privacy from Illegal Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras being used to spy for illegal purposes

We hear on the news a lot about hidden cameras being used for illegal purposes like peeping toms or stealing financial information.  Just a few days ago, a hidden camera was found in a women’s bathroom at a Starbucks in Glendora, California.  They have found 45 women who had shocking videos taken of them and they still finding more victims.

Recently, crooks set up a hidden camera near an ATM near a Wal-Mart to steal people’s PIN numbers.  And the list goes on – you could be being spied on and you should be able to protect yourself.

Protect your Privacy with Bug Detectors

Bug detectors are anti-surveillance gadgets that are used to sense spy equipment. They help to protect your privacy and confidential information if someone is spying on you. Bug detectors are equipped with radio frequency (RF) scanners that help to detect spy equipment near you.  Bug detectors have the capability to track all type of audio and video bugs that use wireless technologies to broadcast their signals like microphones, video transmitters and various types of spy cameras.

Unveil Illegal Spy Gadgets

Unfortunately, you never know where you might find a mini spy camera installed in private areas, like changing rooms, showers or hotel rooms. These illegal activities are on a rise therefore to protect yourself from being video taped illegally, it is essential to have a spy detector. Bug detectors unveil these secret illegal spy widgets and save you from being caught by camera at a wrong place and a wrong time.

Stop Eavesdropping and Bugging by the Spy Gadgets

We at offer several bug detectors in a range of prices and features, including our top-of-the-line wireless camera detector that even allows you to see the video that is being captured by the hidden camera.

Know what’s watching you, check out our camera detectors today.


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