‘Tis the Season – For Shoplifting?


As the holiday rush approaches and stores get busier, opportunities for shoplifters abound. An in-store surveillance system with hidden cameras can be a powerful deterrent, as well as providing evidence for prosecution. Our professional survellance cameras can help protect your business from loss.

Another strategy is the use of dummy cameras. While they will not provide any evidence, they will make a potential thief think twice before grabbing the goods.

Check out this video
of the “dancing shoplifter” caught on a hidden camera at the local KMart.


One Response to ‘Tis the Season – For Shoplifting?

  1. Thief Games on December 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Ha! That guy needs to stick to his day job, oh wait… He probably doesn’t have a job, that’s why he has to steal and dance!

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