Why Wireless Surveillance Cameras are the Best Choice

A hidden camera may be disguised as an wall clock, picture frame, or any number of things, but if there is a video cable coming out of it, it is no longer a hidden camera! Having to run and conceal video cables may be difficult, especially with a multi-camera installation. The easy choice is a wireless  camera which uses a built-in transmitter to send a video signal to a receiver. This receiver is either connected to your computer or to a dedicated station, and the signal is fed live directly into your router, and to the Internet. This enables you to monitor the live feed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Our hidden wireless cameras have a transmission range of up to a thousand feet. You can use up to four wireless cameras in a single location each with it’s own channel. If you wish to install multiple wireless cameras in the same place, it’s important to order them all at the same time so that the channels can be set properly.

All of our units have been FCC approved.

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