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Nanny Cams Relieve Stress

If you are a working mom or parent, leaving your child with a babysitter can be incredibly hard. Not knowing what is happening in your home can cause stress, anxiety, and worry. Fortunately, many families have found relief when using nanny cams. Traditionally a nanny cam will record the happenings at your home and save them to an internal drive. When you return home, you can go through the  video and see what happened when you were away, but what if you are wanting to view the happenings at your house in real time?

Real time nanny cam viewing is now possible with wireless hidden camera options!

We understand that sometimes you just want to be able to physically see your children when you are away. Using a nanny cam with wireless capabilities makes streaming video from your nanny cam in real time a reality. You can simply log-in to the secure system and see the view from your nanny cam any time- day or night!

Having instant access to the nanny cam can give you the peace of mind knowing that you can always see your children on a moments notice. Wireless streaming can be especially helpful when hiring a new nanny or babysitter that you are unfamiliar with. We have all heard the horror stories of seemingly wonderful babysitters doing horrible things when the parents left for the day. The streaming nanny cam ensures no waiting or wondering what you will find on the nanny cam when you return home. Instead, just log-on to the wireless server and see for yourself instantly!

These nanny cams also come with built in recorders that will record even when you are not signed in watching live. This means when you return home you can watch the portions of the video you may have missed.


Witnessing those moments when you are away has never been easier!

Having access to a nanny cam can also ensure you don’t miss any of those special moments with your child. We would all love to be there for the first steps, first laugh, and any of the other firsts. However, when you are away from the home these firsts could potentially take place without you present. With the nanny cam you won’t miss any of these firsts even if you are away!


Nanny cams provide more than just security from abuse, but can also be helpful in transitioning away from the home. If you are used to being with your children 24/7 it can be difficult to leave abruptly. The wireless streaming video of your child can help ease the pain of separation and provide an outlet to enjoy your children even when you are away from home.







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