Daycare Centers Turning to Real Time Monitoring for Parents



More daycare centers are now offering real time web cams to ease the minds of worrying parents.


Many daycare providers understand that choosing a daycare facility is a big decision for parents. Leaving a child for any extended period of time in the care of another can be stressful for parents. Even if the center has fantastic reviews, parents still tend to be skeptical about the care their children will receive. To help ease these fears, many daycare centers are now turning to nanny cams.


Daycare centers offer a nanny cam that streams live to the internet for ease of access.

The nanny cams are placed in various rooms of the facility and are streaming live on a secure website that the parents can access via a username and password. The video offers parents the opportunity to check in on the daycare anytime they wish from the comfort of their own computer. The nanny cams are not only great for the parents, but can also be a great tool for the caregivers themselves.

Instead of having to ask the teacher how the child’s day was, the parent can ask about specific instances or bad behavior by the child. Having the video streaming gives the teachers an opportunity to even call the parents to have them view a particular behavior in real time. This makes for increased communication between the caregiver and the parents.


Daycare providers don’t mind nanny cams, why should your babysitter mind?

Many families seem concerned about privacy violations when dealing with nanny cams in their own home. Fortunately, this should never be an issue. If you are leery of a provider, you can secretly film a day and see what happens, or you can disclose that there are nanny cams in the home and that you will be watching. This lets the babysitter know there is surveillance and it can open the doors to great communication between yourself and your child care provider.


Do as the best daycare providers in the country are doing, and install your nanny cam today.



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