Doggie Daycare and the Nanny Cam

Doggie day care


Doggie daycare centers using nanny cams


Childcare centers are not the only ones turning to real time streaming nanny cams. Many doggie daycare and dog hotel facilities are now offering this service to their patrons. Many families treat their pets as one of their own and worry about vacationing and leaving their pets in the care of individuals they do not know. Many pet boarding facilities have responded to these issues by placing nanny cams in their facilities.

These cameras feed to a live feed that streams over the internet. Owners are then able to log-in to the system and view their pooch any time they wish. This can give the owners the peace of mind that their pets are being cared for and loved when they are away.


Nanny cams are keeping pet care providers in check

Whether you send your dog to a doggie daycare center with nanny cams, or install your own in your home when you are away. Nanny cams can be the perfect solution to keeping tabs on your pets when you are away. Being able to see that your pet receives proper medication, is being fed consistently, and is being well cared for can make your vacation enjoyable and worry-free.

With nanny cam streaming video, you will never have to wonder about all the “what-ifs”. What if they don’t feed him? What if they forget to give him his medication? What if he sits in a crate all day with no interactions?


Nanny cams can also be used daily for monitoring while at work

Installing nanny cams in your own home to monitor your pet is also a fantastic way to keep tabs on a sick pet or elderly pet when working. There are a number of people who utilize nanny cams to view their pets actions when no one is home. Installing a nanny cam is easy, and it will give you the peace of mind that your pet is okay when you are away.

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