Nanny Cam Catches Woman Abusing Twin Infants

Nanny Abusing Twin Infants Caught on Nanny Cam

The Chicago Tribune reported that a 65-year old nanny was caught abusing twin infants by a nanny cam. The family had noticed bruising on their infants and the infants’ doctor suggested installing a nanny cam. What the family saw was quite disturbing. The nanny was hitting, kicking, and smothering the infants while in her care. Fortunately, with the nanny cam footage, the nanny was taken into police custody and set with $300,000 bond. She has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery against a child. The children had been taken to the hospital and have no life threatening injuries. They are expected to fully recover.

A Second Nanny is also charged with abuse of twin infants.

As if the story of the 65-year old nanny in Chicago isn’t bad enough, a 31 year old nanny in Salt Lake City area is also being arrested for possibly injuring twin infants that were only 2 months old. Unfortunately in this case it is unclear who actually harmed the children. No nanny cam was in place. The case is still being investigated.


As you can see from the two stories above, a nanny cam can make a huge difference in cases such as these.


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