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Cassette Phone Recorder - Advanced

This is the most versatile cassette tape phone recorder available!

Item #: GT-TR520SC

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Cassette Phone Recorder - AdvancedCassette Phone Recorder - Advanced
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Imagine the security of being able to automatically have every telephone conversation held in your home or office recorded. This phone recorder allows you to record phone calls on a normal phone line, PBX multi office phone line, VOIP line, with Vonage, Skype, MSN, or Yahoo. So no matter what kind of home or office phone you have, this phone tapping system will work for you. It offers up to 4 hours of crystal clear recording time with a standard 120-minute tape. Convenience meets state of the art technology with this first class telephone recorder.

Up to 4 Hours of Recording Time with a standard 120-minute tape!

Secretly record phone conversations!

State of the art phone recorder!

You can easily record all telephone conversations in your house with this recorder. Simply connect it to ANY phone jack in the house and then set it to automatically (or manually if you wish) start and stop recording when any of the telephones in your house is picked up for use. It doesn't matter what phone jack the phone being used is plugged into because this recorder can be connected directly into the phone line.

For example, if you connect the recorder to a wall jack you have in your bedroom, and someone uses the phone in the kitchen, this recorder will record the call! (As long as is the same phone line.) There are no sounds or beeps, so the people being recorded will not know!

The GT-TR520SC Telephone Call Recorder can record conversations up to 4 hours (with a 120min. tape) of crystal clear recording time on one standard C-120 cassette tape!


  • Double the time of standard cassette tapes
  • Single and Multi Line Compatible
  • Also works on PBX multi-line phone systems
  • Works with VOIP / Digital Phone Lines / Normal Phone Lines
  • Automatically (or manually) record conversations when phone is in use
  • Auto record PC to Phone and PC to PC Calls (Skype, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Dual Speed Control (normal or double tape time)
  • Transfer PC audio to cassette
  • Transfer cassette audio to PC
  • "VOX" (Voice Activation) option to save tape time when long pauses
  • Normal Tape Recorder with built-in microphone to record room conversations
  • Crisp, Clear Sound
  • Earphone Jack
  • Ability to monitor calls as they're being recorded


Makes no noise or beeps when recording.

Secretly spy and record phone calls with up to 4 hours of crystal clear telephone recording per standard C-120 cassette tape. The Telephone Recorder will capture the phone conversations when on a regular phone line, digital phone line, or on your computer! Compatible with single and multi-line phones, this device allows you to review your recorded telephone conversations at your leisure. You can even maintain a library of the tapes. This unit can be battery operated or powered by the included AC Adapter. It's compact size and highly sensitive microphone also make it a useful companion in business meetings. Voice activation initiates recording automatically and eliminates silent or on-hold periods. Manual operation allows you to start recording silently at any time.

VONAGE Compatible!


  • Model GT-TR520SC Telephone Recorder
  • Handset recording adaptor
  • 7ft. line cord
  • Modular Converter
  • Audio Cable
  • PC Audio Cable
  • Standard 60min. cassette tape
  • AC adaptor
  • 4 x AA Batteries

Everyting needed to get set up and started is included!