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Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder

New phone recorder that can also record Cell Phone conversations!

Item #: FSV-510-Plus

Availability: Discontinued

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Retail Price: $239.99

Our Price: $179.99
You Save: $60.00 (25%)

Phone and Cell Phone Digital RecorderPhone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder
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Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder FSV-510 Plus - Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder


Why buy two when you can buy one? This awesome phone recorder come with everything you need to record both home phone and cell phone calls! It is easy to use, and has automatic recording options for your convenience. You just have to connect it to ANY phone jack in your house and you are ready to go, and with no beeps or clicks, there is nothing to give you away.

The FSV-510 Plus has been updated to a Brand New 2012 Version - Just Released!

Room Recorder - using the VOR mode, this unit can be left for extended periods of time in a room, and it will automatically record any sound activity in the room, cutting out the quiet time.

The Plus comes with all accessories needed to record both home phone and cell phone calls! Everything you need to get started within about 30 seconds is included! All you do is connect it to ANY phone jack in your house and you are ready to go! If you want, you can even set it to AUTOMATICALLY record the conversation as soon as the phone is picked up. Because it is connected directly to the phone line, it will record calls on ALL phones the line, no matter what jack the phone being used is plugged into! No beeps, clicks, or any noise will be heard whatsoever by the people being recorded on the phone.

This FSV-510 Plus model will work on regular home phones, cordless phones, and ANY Cell Phone too!

The included Cell Phone Adapter is a UNIVERSAL adapter (browse the photos to see it) that will work with ANY cell phone on the market! Just plug earphone recording mic into the recorder, place it in your ear, and then place your cell phone up to that same ear and record your calls!

FSV-510 Plus - Main Features:

  • Telephone Recording
  • Cell Phone Recording
  • Time Stamping function
  • Secret Recording
  • Firmware Upgrade Function
  • High-quality Design
  • Comfortable Grip and Dynamic Design
  • Extra Long Recording Times
  • USB digital interface to download and upload files thru PC
  • Automatic Power Off - save on batteries
  • LP/SP/HQ/XQ Recording Quality Modes
  • VOR Recording
  • Microphone Sensitivity adjustment
  • Quick Message Search
  • Beep sound can be set to sound at every press of the button
  • Vibration Mode on Recording
  • Secret Recording with Vibration on Recording On and Off
  • You can add recording to the same file number without affecting the original
  • Time Indicator for Remained Recording
  • All in One Menu Button
  • Recording can be monitored through earphone during recording
  • File Search (Intro Scan) function consecutively plays the first 7 seconds of each file for easy search of the recorded messages
  • Playback Speed adjustment
  • You can listen to the voice coming from the microphone on earphones and adjust the sounds levels without using the recording function


  • Telephone Recording Adapter
  • Cell Phone Adapter
  • Stereo Headphones
  • USB Cable
  • Voice Manager Pro Installation CD (PC only - not MAC compatible)
  • 2 x AAA Battery
  • User's Manual
  • Audio Cable
  • Telephone Cord
  • External Lapel Microphone that clips on your shirt for Spy Recording!
  • External Microphone
  • Hand Strap

Three size memory model to choose from:

  • 128MB: $179.99 up to 66 hours recording time (FSV-128)
  • 256MB: $189.99 up to 133 hours recording time (FSV-256)
  • 512MB: $239.99 up to 266 hours recording time (FSV-512)

Note: Please click here if you want to use this on an office PBX phone line system.

Absolutely all parts needed to record regular phone calls and cell phone calls are included with this package! This is the absolute best phone recorder on the market!