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Internet Wireless Clock Radio Hidden Camera with USB Receiver OR Internet Digital Video Receiver/Recorder

Internet Wireless Clock Radio Hidden Camera

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This Internet Wireless Clock Radio Hidden Spy Camera allows you to watch over the internet from anywhere in the world!

The Clock Radio Hidden Spy Camera and both receivers here are All-Digital and Wireless. What's special about them is that they offer complete ease of use, and allow you to record in truly the newest and most advanced way by enabling you to watch your video over the internet. This Clock Radio Hidden Camera is great in particular because it combines the popular cube alarm clock model with DIGITAL recording abilities and Remote View.

The all-digital transmissions mean your image will be crystal clear - you will never experience wireless interference again! - and because they are encrypted no one can pick up your video feed.

With Remote View you can now set up the camera and receiver and leave your house, knowing you are able to watch the recording from anywhere over the internet. You can keep an eye on nannies, employees, care takers, home repair persons, spouses or anyone else in your home or business. You may have nothing to worry about, but won't it feel good to know for sure?

USB Receiver

    Simply plug the receiver into a computer with internet connection, in your home or office, near the camera. All necessary software for Remote View included! Allows you to stream your wireless signal over the internet while you are anywhere in the world!
    Note: Currently the USB Receiver is NOT supported by Windows 7 or any 64-bit system.

Internet Digital Video Receiver/Recorder

    This receiver is also known as an Ethernet Recorder or IP Receiver. What makes the Ethernet Recorder so different and special? It is a completely standalone receiver - no computer needed to watch your video over the internet! The Ethernet Recorder simply plugs into your internet through your router – so no software or programs to worry about, and no extra equipment you need. The Ethernet Recorder is also a DVR!, as it records to SD cards - up to 32GB. The SD card is protected by the included key and lock box. It also comes with RCA cables, so you always have the option of plugging it into your monitor or TV.
    Check out its amazing high-tech features:
  • Remote Video Access
  • Email notifications (motion alerts, camera failure, IP address change, etc.)
  • Live monitoring, recording and event playback via internet
  • Back-up SD storage up to 32GB (2GB card included)
  • SD card lock box with key (so SD card can't be removed)
  • Digital Wireless Transmission (so no camera interference)
  • View LIVE on your SmartPhone


  • Camera Specs
  • Image Sensor: 1/4" micron sensor
  • Video System: NTSC
  • Resolution: 320x240 pixels
  • S/N Ratio: >45 db
  • Sensitivity: >11.5V/lux-s @ 550nm
  • White Balance: Auto Tracking
  • USB Receiver Specs
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Antenna: Dipole antenna
  • Modulation: GFSK, FHSS (digital)
  • Power: USB bus power
  • Compatibility: Currently the USB Receiver is NOT supported by Windows 7 or any 64-bit system
  • Size: 3.3" x 1.2" x .39" Weight: 0.56oz

Camera with USB Receiver Includes

  • Digital Clock Radio Hidden Camera
  • Recording and Remote View Software
  • Wireless USB Receiver

Camera with Ethernet Recorder (IP Receiver) Includes

  • Digital Clock Radio w/ Remote View
  • Wireless IP Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • A/C adaptor
  • RCA cables
  • Key (For SD card lock box)
  • 2GB SD card
  • Ethernet network cable