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SleuthGear Hidden Camera DVD Player - Catch All of the Action

When you want to video record someone in a room without them ever knowing, it is important to do it in a way in which they will never suspect. SleuthGear has a hidden camera DVD player that functions just like a DVD player should, but also has a spy camera installed.

What’s great about this is the fact you don’t have to record your recordings with a DVR or any other device. You have an SD card slot in the back of the DVD player so that you can record the footage when you need to. This makes for a great hidden nanny camera, especially since it has motion detection that keeps you from quickly using up your SD card’s space When you’re not at home, you can come home later and watch the footage to make sure things are okay when you’re not home.

But there is something really neat about this DVD player. You can play back the footage from the SD card on your computer, but you can also play it back by hooking the DVD player up to your television. The RCA cables are included, so it is a piece of cake. And if you prefer to watch the data through your computer, but you don’t have an SD card reader, there is one included with this hidden nanny camera. This gives you plenty of avenues to watch your footage.

It is so important to have a hidden nanny camera in your home for the fact that there are too many incidents involving nannies and children. They are incidents that are intentional and harmful. Because the hidden camera DVD player is so easy to use, you can be watching the events of the day in ho time. You can choose a black and white camera or a color camera; it is entirely up to you.

The important thing here is that by having a hidden camera DVD player in your house, you are keeping your family safer than ever.