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Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - self-contained with SD-card recording

All-in-one Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Item #: SMOKE520

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Retail Price: $599.00

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This Smoke Detector Hidden Camera is completely self contained, making it as easy to use, and as covert as possible.

Our smoke alarm covert hidden camera features a built in motion activated DVR,1/3" SONY CCD camera image sensor for clear video and can support up to a 32GB SD card allowing for days of recording.

Combine this with its motion activation feature and you are sure to only capture actual events, eliminating the need to potentially have to sift through hours of empty-room footage. This hidden camera looks just like a smoke detector, making it ultra stealthy, and the built in DVR with SD card recording make it so easy to use.

No other equipment required for recording!

  • Memory-full overwrite feature allows for continuous recording with no need to swap out SD cards
  • Sounds and looks like a functioning smoke detector
  • Sony CCD camera
  • Remote control operation
  • Motion detection

Choose Resolution

  • High (520TVL): $449.00
  • Regular (470TVL): $399.00


  • Pick-Up Device: Sony CCD Image Sensor
  • Picture Elements: EIA/NTSC: 512 H x 492 V - CCIR: 512 H x 582 V
  • Horizontal Resolution: Available in two resolutions, 520 - television lines (TVL) or 470 - TVL
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux
  • Lens: 3.7mm Pinhole Lens
  • Power Supply: DC12V (simply run the wire on top of a drop-ceiling tile or hide it with a conduit or tape)



  • Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
  • Remote control
  • Instructions
  • 2 AAA Batteries for remote control